In my opinion,the great thing about working with autistic kids is that it is just plain beneficial for your body mind and soul.

I have started substituting with autism  children
working with  them is Definitely hard and I am assuming lot things in the early days of substitute teaching.

Yet I feel only positive  and energetic around them.

Here are the reasons why?

First They made me feel humble for who I am.

First those children have such a genuine loving soul that they let you enter in to their beautiful world and ponder and poke their mind with instructional education.
They let us intrude their intellectual and emotional privacy. Just because we let them want to fit in to our routine and our way of thinking.
To me they do it because they carry the soul of the god.

Second they teach me patience. And perseverance so I can give them the unconditional love and a safer place for them to be themselves.

The third thing  I learnt is that I have to  work on physically and emotionally fill 200%

Working with these children is one of the many gifts the life in USA has given me. So I am motivated to do my level best to improve my self.

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