Lord Muruga: அழகே… தமிழே…. முருகா

I am honored to say, Murugan temple of North America kindly allowed me to decorate their wall with these illustrated panels. These are my first illustration. It took me more than eight years to finish the book. Everything is a collage. Lord Muruga: அழகே… தமிழே…. முருகா, is a spiritual and artistic journey that helped me fulfill my dreams of being an artist and a writer.

Lord Murugan is considered as the beauty and a symbol of the Tamil Language The book is about Information on Lord Muruga the Hindu deity, and his six abodes. These abodes are introduced to children according to the landscapes and their exact terms in Ancient Tamil. The content is translated in all major languages of the world. This book is meant for the second generation children of Tamil diaspora around the glob. IT talks about the ancient landscapes of sangam literature in Tamil.

The content is given in Tamil English, Hindi Spanish, German French and Malay.

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